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Welcome to Talk Natty To Me!

Two crazy individuals got together one day and said, “What could we do to make the world a better place?”. One suggested robbing banks and donating the money to good causes while the other suggested something of equal and questionable legality. They weren’t about that jail life, so after much thought, they looked inward and found they both had a love for hair. That’s when they become a duo of afro-pick wielding, relaxer demon fighting, natural enthusiasts on Facebook, where most fights are either started or won these days. You can check out our Group, “Its All Natural!”, where we help thousands of new and experienced girls learn to master their hair and all its quirks, why not join it?

You’re on our Blog, and we can tell you’re a Natty too. Oh, that’s not an insult, a Natty is simply a Natural, like yourself who has (hopefully) rejected all things unnatural for your hair. We say no to damaging relaxers, unsafe preservatives and just downright nasty products and embrace a healthier holistic life. Here we discuss everything from Fashion to Family with a whole lot of fun in between. It’s all about relating and having you being able to share your own experiences with us! So go ahead, you’re already part of the family.

We hope you enjoy the Blog! Keep and eye out for events and Giveaways!


Maxine & Bryce