The Story So Far

Hey Natties!

Let’s just recap on a few things that have happened since my last blog post.

If I missed something, comment it below… We may talk about this later.

  • Beyonce gave birth to twins.
  • People were dumped when “Lemonade” dropped… (WOW)
  • Childish Gambino doesn’t want to make music anymore.
  • Kanye still crazy.
  • Jay-Z confesses infidelity.
  • Trump still crazy.
  • Kim Kardashian called out because, Dear God! She actually has cellulite (Why were we shocked?)
  • We are still confused about what “being natural” actually is.
van damme screaming
And Apple Cider Vinegar still burns…

Not much to really comment on but let’s talk about our upcoming event, shall we?

All I can say is… Whew! This is a lot of work…


I’ve thought about how this blog post may be received but I thought it would be completely influenced by the approach that chose to pursue it. Let me start by first off saying one thing… Planning a big event is hard. Very, very, hard. You commit a lot of your time to it and come up with a concept but I believe the hardest part is simply getting people to invest in the idea as much as you do. We faced many challenges along the way and honestly, many lessons were learned and were placed in their respective memory boxes ranging from “Will try this next time” to “Ain’t ever doing that sh*t” again and another box I affectionately call “F*&k dat” where more of the exotic ideas went to die.

We still fab tho…

My favourite part about this entire preparation was the amount of networking and that I was able to do. Meeting so many passionate Natties and having them come on board to support us in giving KZN an event it could be proud of. But there were challenges… the main one being that it is difficult to choose a location that caters for the types of activities that you’ve wanted to cater for without being caught in some kind of quandary. These did keep us up at night…

My face when Maxine asked for the 100th time… “What should we do?”

I believe this was the hardest choice to make. If I had to explain it… It would be like saying:

“I want to play soccer but this school that I want to go to does not have it there, and I’d be stuck playing basketball if I went to another… But the school that plays soccer is far away”

So many “What If’s” and “Why Not’s”. Fro Fiesta has been announced as cancelled but I would like to rather say, POSTPONED. We need to rethink a lot of the details before we launch it again and hopefully it will be every bit as dazzling and amazing as we intend it to be. We truly have something special in mind for all of you. However… I would like to extend a massive vote of thanks to all the amazing people who bought our tickets and still continue to have such amazing faith in us. We will be having a smaller event soon, and we hope to see all of you there. Ticket sales are still open for the smaller event, but this was only a setback with a massive learning curve.

Thank you all for your continued support. From Maxine and I, we thank you all immensely and look forward to something truly amazing in the future 🙂

Your Friend,


A luta continua, vitória é certa

love you


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