Help! I Wanna Be A Natty Too! (Part 1)

Hey Natties!

This is going to be a long post because I thought that having a comprehensive article that covered EVERYTHING you need to know about returning to your natural roots would be handy. This is for those who have no idea where to get started and need a helping hand in joining the Fro Family. I see many posts in my own Facebook group as well as others. So if you have a friend who needs some explaining, and you know how lengthy that explanation can get, send them over here. I gotchu! I will break things down where possible and give you all the options I can to make sure you are on top of it all. Sound good? Sure does! Let’s go.

Getting Started


Right off the bat, let’s bust some myths and perception flaws:

“You can change relaxed hair to natural hair”

Now, you have probably heard of rumours buzzing around that it is possible to convert processed(relaxed) hair into natural hair.  This is actually impossible at present due to the manner in which your hair has been altered. If you fry chicken, is it possible to un-fry it and put it back in the freezer? You laugh, but this is essentially what people are telling you they can do with their relaxed hair. It just will not work. 

 “I don’t need to comb my hair”

Oh boy… There are certainly a lot of myths out there that being natural means you don’t need to comb your hair. You should probably know that up to now, you may have made some poor choices in life, but NOTHING will compare to not properly combing and detangling your hair. Thou shalt suffer… and suffer thou shalt. Please, don’t do it. 

“It is rebellious”

Your decision to go natural does not need to be politically driven at all. It is a personal choice that meets your own needs. There are many of us that challenge the system, myself included, but we do not expect you to be part of a clique or Afro Gang because you’re now a Natty. The Natural Community will love you all the same. Ignore the Woke Sista(prone to random quotation) in the office. She has her own agenda, you have your own. Don’t worry, Be Natty.

“It’s dirty”

It’s not. Trust me. 

“Natural hair is a hair type”

Let’s get something straight here. 

1) existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.
2) in accordance with the nature of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something.”
By definition, natural hair is not a specific type of hair belonging to a specific group of people. No race, culture etc. can lay claim to possessing “natural” hair as a type. “Natural” refers to a STATE of being. The very hair that grows out of your head, that is natural. Do not let anybody tell you any different, they are wrong.
There are so many examples like this that I could further provide, but this is just to get some of the most common ones out of the way. Moving on!

Methods of Entry


Okay! So now that we have ruled out that relaxed hair cannot be converted into natural hair, let’s take a look at starting out. You basically have only two choices. You can either transition or you could do what is called “The Big Chop” and take it all off. To some, the big chop is a little intimidating as many of us are attached to our hair. In my opinion, it is the easiest way to start because you’re essentially cutting out months of work. Transitioning can be done for 3 months and even up to a full year. It all depends on how much length you would like to retain when you cut the relaxed ends off. However, there are some cons.

When you transition, meaning that you stop using relaxer completely, you will now be dealing with TWO hair textures. Your natural texture, and the relaxed hair. Each behaves and reacts to products very differently so sometimes… things don’t really work out, especially with styling. But if you’re patient, it’s a breeze and one of the most preferred methods of crossing over to the Natty side of life. If you’re unsure about how you’re going to tame your texture, have a look at this cool video that gives some useful tips on how you to treat your hair while transitioning. Enjoy!

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Here’s another video that will tell you about things you should change while you’re transitioning. Don’t you just love how healthy her hair looks?!

Transitioning to Natural Hair: 16 Things To Replace

Something I Should Mention…

I have worked with many women and helped them with their natural journey and there is ALWAYS a point where they will begin to start doubting their actions. I will be honest, it is natural to feel intimidated. You are doing something entirely new, and it seems like a monumental task. Some want to dive right into the relaxer and never come back but please, stick with it. You have already started, you’re nearly there. What was once confusion will become routine, days you used to dread, you will look forward to. A deep conditioning and a wash are like spa treatments for Natties who have been at this for a while. Few things come close to the way your hair feels after a delicious DC Smoothie for your mane. I can almost hear them say “Mmmmm hmmmm! *finger snap*”.

My advice? Get yourself a buddy who wants to do this with you or join our Facebook Group and allow thousands of eager Natties to jump right in and make sure you stay on track. Chin up!

Okay, Now What?

So you have either done the big chop or you have transitioned over 6 months and you have taken the next big step! Firstly, congratulations! This is HUGE! You should celebrate because it’s all good from here. It is just a matter of getting to know a little more about this foreign hair that’s grown out of your head. For some, it has been YEARS since they have seen their natural hair and can find this new pet just a little… strange. A big heads up, don’t try to fight your hair. There are things that some hair types are good at and there are some things that they are unfortunately not. Embrace what you have and go with it, the rewards for your commitment will be substantial.

If you need further encouragement, sit back and enjoy this motivational video 🙂

I would say we need a little break, yes? It’s been quite a bit of reading so far and I am sure your eyes are just as tired as mine from looking at all of this. Take the time to read over what I have said and think about how you would like to approach returning to your natural hair.

I will continue with the nitty gritty stuff in part two of this post so you don’t feel overwhelmed and everything is all neatly sectioned. I hope this is proving helpful!

Why don’t you have a look at my tongue-in-cheek post titled “Shock and Awe“. You may want to share it with your better half and prepare him for the change that is coming, it’s only fair! New you, Boo!

Your Friend,


Talk Natty To Me, Baby 😉

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