To ‘Poo Or Not To ‘Poo, That Is The Question!

Hey Natties!

This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with constipation or social anxiety at a friend’s house but everything to do with the one product that makes a Natty examine the ingredients like evidence at a murder trial. Shampoo (‘Poo for short)! Lovely stuff, and a staple in everyone’s household. But let’s get to the point here, do you really need it? Is it really worth the price you pay? Can you go Super Duper Ultra Natty and rebuke the demon of soapy suds?  Well, the answer sounds like this… Yes and No. It depends entirely on you.


To be honest, it does sound too good to be true. But you’re wrong. If you have never come across the No Poo Method, you’re about to be baptised with some new Natty knowledge.

“Hair contains natural oil, called sebum in its follicles which is essential for keeping itself conditioned and healthy. Frequent washing, combined with some of the harsh chemicals in shampoo, strips away those oils leaving your hair in bad shape. So, how do you rid your hair of excess oil buildup from exercising, styling and daily life? Enter the “No Poo Method”.

The theory of “No Poo” is this: by washing hair with a gentle alternative to shampoo, such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar or even just water only, you’ll achieve clean hair without the damage or dependency on daily shampooing. So, in short, instead of allowing chemicals in shampoo to strip your hair, strip away the chemicals instead and stop using shampoo altogether. Most dermatologists and hair stylists have been long-time advocates of shampooing less often, and are crying hallelujah for this hair care revolution” –

Now here is where you’re looking at me like “Don’t be recommending some crazy stuff you’ve never tried and expect me to do it“. I am not a fan of shampoo, I prefer Cowashing and ACV. Most times, I only wash my hair with water. This is because my hair is not prone to build-up due to me choosing natural ingredients that are best suited for my hair. Usually, all it needs is a gentle scrub with warm water and my hands. I rinse with cold water. I do this both now and when my hair was much longer.

Before I decided to chop it off, I was majestic AF!

People are often very sceptical, and that’s totally understandable. We have all grown up with shampoo and become accustomed to that squeaky clean feeling our hair gets when it has been washed, believing that that is what hair should be like after a wash. I can still remember telling Maxine, my sister, to hear how squeaky my hair was after washing it with bath soap (head in hands). Forgive my ignorance.  I was still in Primary School.

The constant fact is that it’s completely necessary to clarify your scalp and prevent unwanted build-up which could lead to dandruff and possibly other infections but if you aspire to pursue something new and exciting, No Poo is for you, Boo! Hair doesn’t have to be sanitised like a counter-top, but treated in the same way you would treat your skin. Would you pour battery acid in a bath and tell people you’re exfoliating? Some shampoos have that effect. Some are very harsh! But thankfully we are now living in a Mecca of Natty products. What happens when your hair is TOO clean is that sebaceous oil glands of your scalp will be stimulated to secrete extra sebum when they sense the hair drying out. When you strip the hair, more oil will be secreted to compensate. Ever washed your hair and you were able to grease the pan for your eggs with your scalp the next morning? We’ve all been there at some point. There ARE some great shampoos out there that will do great things but not everything works for everyone… You need a good cleansing.


This post would be very long if I went into great detail about The No Poo Method but I thought it would be a great suggestive blog to let some know that No Poo alternatives do exist and you’re welcome to try them. I would LOVE to hear about your results. They vary from person to person but some are able to take to this very easily.

Whether you choose Water Only, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar or Conditioner, you can try this out for about a month and see if this agrees with your hair, you may astonished by how your hair takes to this. Sometimes a basic approach is best, but it’s up to you. Personally, this is worthy of experimentation.


Your Friend,


Talk Natty To Me, Baby 😉


12 Replies to “To ‘Poo Or Not To ‘Poo, That Is The Question!”

  1. Very interesting post. I tried to co wash for 6 months no shampoo at all but that didnt go well with my hair. I had massive product build up which also caused my scalp issues to get worse and to itch plus my hair was also breaking off. Unfortunately didn’t work for me, but currently I do use a shampoo with ACV which doesnt strip my hair plus I always condition after shampooing.

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    1. Hi there!

      Really glad you thought this was interesting and I am glad you have some feedback to offer! If I may ask, what is your particular scalp issue? (seborrheic dermatitis, eczema etc.) Did you ever try to use ACV after the cowash? Our scalps are all different and reactions vary… Sometimes what I propose is 3 out 4 weeks are strictly cowash and the last week would be a good shampoo. This gives your hair enough time away from shampoo. I think a lot of us would get away with MINIMISING shampoo use as opposed to abandoning it completely… But there are those lucky few 🙂

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      1. Yes I used to also do the ACV rinse but stopped. To answer your question my scalp issue is Psoriasis and you’re right, quite a lucky few can cowash as they wish. However I’m still figuring out what my natural hair needs and reacts better to, so far washing my hair is not the issue but retaining moisture in my hair is very difficult because I also have low porosity hair.

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  2. Great post (as usual).

    I personally chose to go the no-poo route a couple of years ago (pretty much when I BC’d), simply to see whether my hair would behave any differently without using shampoo as often. Basically, I used shampoo after every 3-4 no-poo washes. And even then, I follow up the very gentle shampoo wash with an ACV rinse. My boskop hasn’t complained about this, and I haven’t had any bad issues with buildup (just what I would expect after a few days of being heavy-handed with my oils, etc.)

    So, all in all, I’m happy with my no-poo routine. I’m considering braids as a PS during the colder days, so I expect that routine will change slightly.

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