My Recipes : Itchy-Go!

Hey Natties!

I thought I would make a series of little blogs about some of my favourite recipes that have been tried and proven to work time and time again. I know a lot of you have been taking screenshots of them (I see them all over the internet now) and I would just like to consolidate them all. It’s nice and neat having them all in one place so let’s do that!


Kiss that itch goodbye

This is my favourite recipe as it’s dead simple to make and begins working the moment you apply it. I play around with the ratios of the ingredients a lot but I find that this is generally the sweet spot. And it just smells good because it’s got Lavender. But am I the only one who thinks of toilet air freshener when I smell Lavender? Anyway!


2 x tablespoons Jojoba Oil

10 x drops Lavender Essential Oil

8 x drops Rosemary Essential Oil

8 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

Optional :

1/4 teaspoon Grapeseed Oil (If scalp is REALLY itchy/dry)

6 x drops Peppermint Oil (If dandruff is bad)






If you have a sensitive scalp, please do not use Peppermint Oil. Trust me, after you’re done screaming, regret will follow. Increase quantity of Rosemary Oil to 12 drops if it is Dandruff relief you seek. Also, a very mild mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water will assist in dandruff removal. Do this weekly.

Jojoba is a liquid at room temperature but to make the mixing go just a little quicker, warm the oil up just a little by boiling some water and pouring it into a shallow bowl. Fill another small bowl with your two tablespoons of Jojoba and place this bowl in the bowl that has your hot water for around 1 minute then remove. You don’t need a lot of water to do this, just to have the bottom of the bowl sufficiently submerged in the hot water. Add your drops of essential oils and stir gently before the oils cool. Pour into a dripper bottle and store in a cool, dry place away from children.

When using this mixture, you can warm the bottle in the same manner before applying to your scalp. Massage it in gently for between 2-3 minutes. This mixture can be apply daily, as I recommend you should. If you are pregnant, or have a known circulation issue, please seek the advice of your doctor before using this recipe as it may cause an adverse reaction. Usually it is extremely safe but it’s always good to check first.

I will put a few more up and not all of them are purely to do with hair, some work well on skin. Stay tuned!

Your Friend,



Talk Natty To Me, Baby 😉



3 Replies to “My Recipes : Itchy-Go!”

    1. Hey Nompumelelo!

      I’m so happy that you’ve used this and it’s given you good results. A recipe never needs to be complicated to work, but sometimes adding a few extras does help a little. This is as basic as it gets 🙂 Check out the others tomorrow!


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