Beware, Truth Ahead!

Hey Natties!

This is your Captain speaking, and after a 2-month hiatus, I must say that it’s good to be back. While most of us are still coming to terms with our widening waistlines and our diminishing bank balances after going all-out over the festive season, a lot has happened.


Well, let’s just say that the bad news doesn’t really end there. Sorry, but someone has to tell you all that you’re being played. Please don’t call your boyfriends and husbands because that’s not what I’m talking about. This is not going to be like the Ashley Madison data breach… Wait… You didn’t hear about that ish? (takes a seat) Guuuuuuurl… But that’s another story for another time. What I’m here to tell you is that every time you turn on the television or look through pamphlets advertising enticing new hair products that make you want to set the product hoe in you free, caution yourself. What the advertising industry has gotten really sharp at is knowing how to target you.

It doesn’t look any different to this.

I have noticed a HUGE increase in Natural Hair products and some even going so far as to say that they are specifically formulated for African Scalps (side eye). Wow, don’t you feel special right about now? That’s effective advertising. So what else do they do? Ah yes… Keywords.

LOW SULPHATES! SULPHATE FREE! REAL AVOCADO! TEARS OF GOD! They will put anything in capital letters to get your attention. Empower yourself my dear and READ! Does it really not contain anything harmful? You know, Sulphates aren’t the only bad thing in hair products right? There are Parabens and lesser evils like Paraffin Oil (Parafinum Liquidum) as well as synthesised ingredients. Dude, do you even know the percentages of those natural ingredients in the actual product? It might say Argan Oil but there’s probably just 1% of the total volume. Shocking. Don’t be fooled by the ingredients emblazoned on the fancy bottles.

And just randomly speaking… What’s wrong with this ad?

Where the Type 4 hunnies at?

I immediately pause when I see a brand only use type 3 women in their ads. Don’t you? I mean, this is a different topic we’re moving into here but why is this the most well-known portrayal of Natural hair? I’ll tell you why. It’s marketable because it’s not far from what is already being marketed. If you’re not selling straight hair, then you’re selling curls and nothing curls like type 3 hair. See where I’m going with this? Effective advertising. This is just my personal opinion from experience and so far… I have not been wrong. Tell me, honestly, in your heart, would you be able to squeeze a Type 4 girl in there? Doesn’t look right, doesn’t it? That’s what effective marketing does to you. Forces an ideal upon you until you believe it.


Come now, it’s not all that bad.

*sob* I can’t even…

How do you feel now knowing what you know? Different? Good. If a product works for you, that is genuinely awesome… But know that advertising has this much power over you. This was not meant to bash particular brands, but use them as examples of how effective marketing works. I’ve seen Naturals fighting against Natural as if they were Bloods and Crips and these false mental divisions are responsible for that. Pay attention. Stay woke 😉

Click here to see some other examples of false advertising from brands you know. Some are hilarious! The damn nerve of some people.

Your Friend,


Talk Natty To Me, Baby!


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