Who is She? Why is She Here?

Hey Natties,

Kim Houston Here! The first-time blogger in the house and baby, it sure does feel good. But let me pump those brakes for a minute before I start rambling along. Let’s get the introductions out of the way. Bryce gave you a brief overview, but I’m going to put the icing on the cake now. So who am I?

Well, I am a 31-year-old woman of colour, Born and Raised in Durban, KZN South Africa. Doing well for 31 wouldn’t you say? 😉

Image Credit: Marc Boss

When I’m not wearing my ‘Fro out and being downright fabulous, I am an Admin for the It’s All Natural Facebook Group. Having already helped hundreds of girls get back on track with loving themselves and the hair they were born with. I work alongside Maxine and Bryce who are always supportive, searching for new ways to spread good “Hairducation.” No joke, I just made that up, but it’s probably taken already (LOL! Fail). In my own way, I am a natural beauty beginning to come into my own and discovering the many ways that I am beautiful that I would have never seen when I was not a Natural Queen. I was still a Queen but not quite… Myself. It’s sort of like being confident, but there’s this feeling that something isn’t right. Trying to be beautiful, but not quite succeeding. But now, I can finally say it, own it and believe it! I am BEAUTIFUL and proud of everything I am. It’s a discovery for me, having only recently found and acknowledged that beauty within me, and I can now celebrate that real beauty. Just like you reading this. You’re either here with me, or you’re still climbing that hill. I’m at the top shouting down to you “You can do it!”. Please do join me, I can’t be this gorgeous on my own!

My struggle is no different to yours. Overcoming issues with my self-esteem was the most difficult part. Looking beautiful is easy, but feeling and believing that you are is an entirely different endeavor that takes tolerance and patience. There were times I could never look in a mirror and say anything good or positive about myself, let alone like what I saw. There was always something I wished I could change. You’re looking at my picture right now and thinking “Guuurl please!”, but to a wounded spirit, the eyes cannot see what the heart denies itself. I now see something I LOVE when I look in the mirror! Looking at myself these days like “Hey boo, how you doin’?”. Its a total shift from what I was used to and honestly… I am loving every second of it! Above everything, I am a God-fearing, stay at home Mother, a decent wife, and I dare say, a pretty good entrepreneur.

I started up my own little business called “Buhle : Tees & Accessories”, those who came to our event were spoiled for choice from my range, which I plan to expand but I’ll keep that for another post!


From Ashes to Beauty, From Tragedy to Success…

That is what I would title this year or Maybe that will be the title of My Life if it were a book. I never expected my life to pan out the way it did this year, from complete loss and devastation, to turn Right around, with a fresh feeling of this joy and peace that surpassed all my understanding. Shew! My natural Journey so far has never been what it has since joining It’s All Natural. Which I must say I was very skeptical of joining, I was like “SIGH! Here we go, another dull group invite…” (No offense Bryce) but to say the least I have found my Home, a haven of Information and empowerment, and just overall a place of positivity! I would urge you to join us if you’re stuck, stressed out, or just really want to meet some fantastic new friends. Everyone in the group is nice and are genuinely good people! I’ve already said so much, but thank you for reading this far! I look forward to more posts on the blog! And I would love your feedback. Until next time!

From Left: My Sister(Teneille Blankenberg), Yours Truly and Jennifer Williams (Group Member and S.I.C)

Peace Love and Light

Kim H

Kinky Queen Out!

If you’re interested in having a look at what I have on offer from Buhle, click here!

Or you could drop me a message on  buhleteesandaccessories@gmail.com


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