About That Saturday

Hey there Natties!

Let me just kick my feet up for a sec, because even TELLING you how great our first event was is enough to blow me away. Pull up a seat, hun, and let Momma give you the 411. Before I carry on, I must thank my brother for all his help and support as well as Kim (You’ll meet her) for all her patience. Now that the formalities are out of the way, here’s the juice.

Damn, Talk about #NATTYGIRLMAGIC! It was curls and kinks galore at La Bella Riverside Cafe, in Durban North, Saturday, October 29th, 2016 , where we hosted our very first It’s All Natural Social Day, with the theme “A Touch of Africa.” Melanin levels skyrocketed, as 100 energized natural beauties united to celebrate natural hair and heritage.

(SIGH!… Bryce is so pleased that he made this banner)


The aim of this event and future events is to redefine the standards of beauty and encourage women to embrace their natural hair in its entirety and everything it stands for.


There is just something so magical about a woman who rocks her natural hair in all its glory. How she walks with pride, her head held high and an unmatched confidence. This type of confidence needs to be celebrated more on social media, television and in our everyday lives. This is exactly what took place last Saturday. Natties brought there A-game, from picked out afros to long luscious locs. People of all backgrounds and social status showed up to dance, enjoy some good food , dance the day away and mingled with fellow members of the natural community. It almost felt as if I had been dropped into a bouquet of beautiful black flowers.The bass of the music playing that day, was no match for the volume of all the big hair prancing around unapologetically (Mind you, it was HOT!). It gave me goosebumps watching all those ladies completely embracing their crowns.

It is evident that from these photos we had a ball of a time !! We look forward to a bigger and better event in the near future. Keep your ear to the ground ….you would not want to miss it!!

Sincerely, your girl

Max, The Natural

Here are a few snapshots taken at the event, Enjoy!

Images by Abhi Indrarajan


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