With a BANG!

Hey Natties,

Bryce here with our very first blog post!! *APPLAUSE*. Thank you, you are too kind, took us long enough!. It was decided, actually I lie, I bullied my way to the front to make sure I got here first to do this very special post and let you all know that this will be something we are going to do on the reg-reg! Maxine, Kim and myself will take turns generating content from different perspectives. So you get THREE for the price of ONE! It’s your lucky day, my dear. Like walking into Clicks and getting Cantu at 75% off (Swoon!). But wait a second, what is this “Talk Natty To Me”?

What is “Talk Natty To Me”?

Well, from the name, it’s quite simply what every natural girl loves to talk about. Her hair, and everything related to the Natty Lifestyle. All three writers have their own perspectives and their own input as to what being a Natty really is, and I will be there to inject a healthy dose of that pure male energy, yeah baby! Balance has been restored!

What about the Facebook Group?

Trust me, the group is going NOWHERE! We started “Its All Natural” to help new and experienced Natties out there and we shall continue to do so. Education and growth are the foundation of what we strive to create and that, my dears, is firmly set.

I’m new here… uhm, Who are you people?

Jumped the gun there, didn’t I? Just went RIGHT in! If you don’t know who we are, here’s a quick summary *Cue the music!* My name is Bryce Arnold and alongside my sister Maxine, we created a fun and educational group called “It’s All Natural” in July 2016. We have a passion for all things natural, and seek to break stigmas attached to natural hair, whether it be “My hair doesn’t grow” to “Giiiiirl, that hair is ugly AF!” to just about everything negative you could think of. Trust me, we have heard them ALL. Since then we have grown and the time came to recruit a new member to our gunslingin’ Natty posse. Our long time friend, Kim Houston, was selected by our magical sorting hat and became quite an integral part of our movement. She owns Buhle Accessories and makes some downright CUTE stuff, you’ll get to know more about that here too. Overall, we love natural hair, and we love you!

Cool beans, dude! Now what?

It would seem that I was somehow duped into writing up this post because all I have actually done is do all the hard work for the other two writers, introductions and everything, so maybe being first wasn’t so great after all. What comes next? Oh you’ll have to be here to see that. We recently hosted an event, a pretty naaarce one too hey, so we will be dropping some of the pics that you may have missed from our additional photographer, Abhi Indrarajan (Say that 10 times as fast as you can), as well as a BONUS video for you! Sound good? I think so too. But there is just so much more to share with you!

Natties, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the next post as much as you enjoyed this one, if not more. Have fun, and tell your friends about us!… Talk Natty To Me, baby 😉

Bryce (The Dude in the middle)


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